I use the following techniques from time to time to create dramatic, beautiful images.

3-D Photography

3D Photograph

A fun and interesting technique I like to use from time to time is 3-D stereoscopic photography. By mimicking the viewpoint from each eye when capturing a pair of identical photos, the slight difference in angle allows the viewer to see the image in a much more dynamic and beautiful way. To view the image, you have to cross your eyes and line up the two images into a third image in the center. Remember those “Magic Eye” books that were popular in the 90’s? It’s the same concept, but with real photos. It’s difficult to do at first, but once you learn how to do it, it will allow you to appreciate photos in a whole new way.

To learn how to see 3D photos like this, visit this website.

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The Brenizer Method

This technique, popularized by one of my favorite photographers Ryan Brenizer, involves taking dozens of photos of a scene and stitching them together to make a large scale panoramic image. By using a fast telephoto lens at its widest aperture and shooting many images within a composition, you’re able to achieve a much shallower depth-of-field than you ever could with even the fastest wide angle lens.

If you’re a creative photographer, B&H has a video on the technique here.

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